Apple Stock Hits All-Time High Then Falls After Revealing $3,499 Price Tag For VR Headset

For individuals interested in investing in Berkshire, the company’s B shares (BRK.B) are much more affordable, coming in at $407.15 per share as of Feb. 20, 2024. Apple remained tight-lipped about how many were initially sold. Apple actually sold an earlier version of a tablet in 1993 known as the Newton MessagePad. A personal digital assistant, it was a shadow of the iPad, which contained all the functionality of the iPod Touch on a much larger screen with a faster processor. For example, the 2003 release of the iTunes Store and a Windows-compatible version made the iPod a viable option for Windows users.

  1. However, the company’s stock price only gained seven cents the same day the phone was released.
  2. The company sold about 270,000 units within its first 1.25 days on the market in June 2007.
  3. That’s how much a $1,000 investment at Apple’s 1980 initial public offering—when shares traded at a split-adjusted level of $0.10—would be worth now.
  4. On Dec. 30, 2021, the company’s stock closed at an all-time high of CHF 123,433 (about $140,083 in U.S. dollars as of Feb. 21, 2024).
  5. The price action may have been muted by early sales that missed Wall Street estimates.

Apple products are ubiquitous, and the company has been around long enough that people trust its staying power. When adjusted for a 7-for-1 split in June 2014, Apple’s stock is trading at roughly $942, approaching the $1,000 milestone that was considered wishful thinking when some analysts predicted it years ago. Apple is also slowly but surely on track to become the world’s first trillion dollar company. This means Apple’s market capitalisation is now up to a staggering $2.34 trillion (roughly £1.7 trillion), by far the highest value that any company has achieved.

The number of shares you own isn’t as important as the total value of your investment. Buying 10 shares of a lower-priced stock versus one share of a higher-priced stock doesn’t necessarily make a difference in the overall investment value. Technology giant Alphabet (GOOGL), best known for its Google search engine, reached a closing high of $2,960.92 in October 2021. The company’s shares have since split, and the stock closed at $141.12 on Feb. 20, 2024. The milestone comes just one day after Apple’s stock recorded its highest closing price ever of $133.29 on Monday. Following Apple’s first annual revenue decline since 2001, its stock been steadily rising over the past four months, buoyed by record-breaking earnings results at the end of January.

Apple provides users with services that are used with its devices. This category is designed to help users stay productive, entertained, and connected through tablets, smartphones, and personal computers. The iPhone is by far its most profitable product line, raking in $71.6 billion in sales in the third quarter of 2021. That represented more than half of overall revenue of $123.49 billion. Apple trades under the stock ticker name AAPL and went public on December 12th, 1980, with a valuation of $22 per share, according to Apple’s investor site. The stock gained as much as 2.2% in morning and early afternoon trading, hitting as high as $184.95, shattering its prior all-time high of $182.94 achieved last January.

Apple stock reaches highest value in its 45-year history

So, perhaps its overall sales rather than any particular release is most important to share pricing. Apple’s Mac products are another example of wildly successful Apple products. The iMac was released in May 1998, a month in which Apple’s stock price dipped to $26.69. The final stock split came on Aug. 31, 2020, when it split on a four-to-one basis at a pre-split price of $499.23. Apple’s stock has split several times since it first went public in December 1980.

How Product Releases Affect Apple’s Stock Price

Driving revenue growth is the continued adoption of advertising, which accounts for 80% of Google’s revenue (notably its AdSense and AdWords platforms). On the other hand, each product has had a noticeably positive effect on the stock price over a longer period of time. This points to the importance of basing one’s investment decisions on a long-term view of performance, and not on day-to-day volatility. There have been few Apple product releases that immediately resulted in a meteoric rise in the company’s stock price.

A sixth Apple stock split could motivate individual investors and traders to put more money into Apple stock. The stock market reflects all known information about companies, according to the efficient market hypothesis. It processes and assimilates new data rapidly through the mechanism of buying and selling. In 2003, Apple had an approximate market cap value of $7.88 billion.

This is arguably the most revolutionary tech product ever created, changing the landscape of the mobile phone market. Released on Oct. 23, 2001, the first iPod held up to best stocks to buy and watch now 2020 1,000 songs and had a battery life of 10 hours. The following day, the stock moved up slightly, from $18.14 to $18.95, and closed at $20.00 per share on Nov. 19, 2001.

What is Apple’s highest-ever market cap?

The company closed at an all-time high of $2,715.06 on Nov. 7, 2022. It has since fallen from that high, closing at $1,490.98 on Feb. 20, 2024. On Dec. 30, 2021, the company’s stock closed at an all-time high of CHF 123,433 (about $140,083 in U.S. dollars as of Feb. 21, 2024).

If you’re considering a dip into the stock market, read our guide to buying Apple shares. We also have details of Apple’s 1st quarter 2021 financial results. If Apple never split its stock, a single share would have been worth around $1,800 as of 2021. After that stunning peak in the late summer, Apple’s value slumped.

By September 2023, Apple’s market cap fell to $2.8 trillion. In a Monday note to clients, Wedbush forecasted Apple will sell about 150,000 headsets for its first year on the market, which would be $525 million in sales. This would be roughly 0.1% of Apple’s nearly $400 billion in revenue last year. The agreement is thought to include some US tariffs relief, which is likely to help companies like Apple that are affected by the extra import charges. Apple’s market value has now surpassed $700 billion, making it the world’s most valuable company by a sizeable margin. Google parent company Alphabet is second largest with a market cap of around $575 billion, followed by Microsoft at around $500 billion and Berkshire Hathaway at around $412 billion.

Apple has tacked on roughly $765 billion in market cap this year, which is more than the total respective total valuations of Berkshire Hathaway, Meta and Tesla. Fueling Apple’s strong financials was a record $20.9 billion in quarterly revenue from its services segment, which includes App Store sales and other non-product revenue streams. The stock price doesn’t always indicate a company’s quality. However, looking at the highest stock prices can be worthwhile both for investors and those interested in the stock market’s history. From chocolate candy makers to mining companies, the list of stocks that have reached such high share prices is diverse. Before we look at the highest stock prices, let’s touch on the difference between stock prices and market capitalization.

And it looks like the company’s best days may well be ahead. The stratospheric share price is a good sign for investors ahead of Apple’s quarterly results, which is set to be revealed on October 30. The call should cover key performance metrics for the quarter, including early launch month results for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. On April 18, 2019, the company’s stock price closed at a record high of $4,650 per share. Apple is having a good Valentine’s Day, as its shares traded above $134.54 today, eclipsing a previous all-time intraday high set in April 2015.

Some indication of how quickly the company’s value has grown can be gleaned from a prediction last summer that Apple would be worth $2 trillion by around 2024. There’s no way to know if this would happen in the event of another Apple stock split. However, an Apple stock split itself may indicate that the company’s products and services, and its stock, have performed well enough to warrant the decision for a split by Apple.

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